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Inca Temple – HUAYTARÁ

Inca Temple – HUAYTARÁ


The Central Reserve Bank of Peru puts into circulation from Wednesday, March 20, the new currency of S /. 1 allusive to the Inca Huaytará Temple, archaeological complex located in Huancavelica.

This coin, the twelfth of the Numismatic Series Wealth and Pride of Peru, is of legal tender, so it can be used in any economic transaction and will circulate simultaneously with the current ones.

The characteristics of the currency are the following:

Denomination: S /. 1.00

Alloy: Alpaca

Weight: 7.32 g

Diameter: 25,50 mm

Singing: Striated

Year of Mintage: 2013

Obverse: Coat of Arms

Reverse: Denomination and motive alluding to TEMPLO INCA  HUAYTARÁ

Issuance: 10 million units


On the obverse we can see in the center the Coat of Arms of Peru, on the outer edge of the legend “Central Reserve Bank of Peru”, the year of coinage and a registered polygon of eight sides that forms the filete of the coin.

On the back, in the central part, the Inca Huaytará Temple, built in the 15th century AD by Inca Yupanqui (Pachacútec) whose carved ashlar walls show double and triple jamb trapezoidal niches. During the colony, it was transformed into church in honor of San Juan Bautista where mass is celebrated until today, using the original niches of the Inca temple. The House brand is also observed National Currency on a geometric design of vertical lines as well as the denomination in number and the name of the monetary unit on some lines undulating In the upper part the phrase TEMPLO INCA HUAYTARÁ S. XV is shown d.C.

The previous coins were allusive to the Golden Tumi (Lambayeque), the Sarcophagi of Karajía (Amazonas), Estela de Raimondi (Ancash), Chullpas de Sillustani (Puno), Santa Catalina Monastery (Arequipa), Machu Picchu (Cusco), the Gran Pajatén (San Martín), the Piedra de Saywite (Apurímac) and the Fortress of Real Felipe (Callao), Templo del Sol, Vilcashuamán (Ayacucho); and Kuntur Wasi (Cajamarca).

Lima, March 20, 2013.


Inca Temple – HUAYTARÁ

It was an Inca temple dedicated to the Sun, built in the fifteenth century AD. by Túpac Inca Yupanqui on the route of Qhapaq Ñan or Camino del Inca linking Vilcashuamán with Chincha, in the Pisco river basin, in Huancavelica.

The temple was built on top of a field with agricultural platforms, associated with a plaza and a canal that pours water over a small pond called “Baño del Inca”.

The sacred precinct is rectangular in shape, with carved ashlar walls, in the imperial style of Cusco, with double and triple jamb doors and trapezoidal niches. It is one of the most elegant buildings of the Inca period on the western flank of the Andes. During the colony, in the sixteenth century, it was transformed into a church in honor of San Juan Bautista where mass is celebrated to this day, using the original niches of the Inca temple.

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